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Classification of flanges
Jan 26, 2018

1. According to the standard of chemical industry, flanges are:

Welding plate flange (PL) hubbed flange (SO) butt welding neck flange (WN) integral flange (IF)

Socket flange (SW) threaded flange (Th)

Welding ring flanges (PJ/SE) flanges (BL) with loose flange ring lining flange (PJ/PJ) (BL (s))

2. According to the petrochemical (SH) industry standard, the flange is divided into:

Threaded flange (PL) butt flange (WN)

Flange (SO) socket welding flange (SW)

Loose cover flange (LJ) flange cover (not surface injection)

3, according to the machinery (JB) industry standard, flanges are divided into:

Integral flange welding flange welding plate flange

Loose plate flange welding butt welding ring ring loose plate flange flange ring loose plate flange cover

4, according to the national (GB) standard, the flange is divided into:

Whole flange threaded flange butt flange

Hubbed flange hubbed socket welding flange

Loose flange ring neck butt welding plate flange butt welding ring loose plate flange welding ring loose plate flange

Flanged ring plate flanged flange cover

5. According to the type of connection flange connection, the flange is divided into:

Welding plate flange, hubbed flange, butt welding neck flange, socket welding flange, threaded flange, flange cover and welding neck flanges with ring ring, loose flange, ring groove flange and flange cover, large diameter flange plate, large diameter and high neck flange, eight blind plate and butt welding ring loose flange etc..

6. The connected components can be divided into container flanges and pipe flanges.

7, according to the overall structure, flange, threaded flange, flange welding flange, looper (loose, tongue) flange and flange cover.