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  • Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange

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    Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange

    A Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange is a type of pipe and refers to a flange with a neck that has a transition of a round pipe and is butt welded to the pipe. Butt welding flange is a kind of disc-shaped part, which is the most common in pipeline engineering. The flanges are...Read More

  • Carbon Steel Slip On Flange

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    Carbon Steel Slip On Flange

    The Carbon Steel Slip On Flange is then welded internally and externally to provide sufficient strength and prevent leakage. Many users prefer to use this flange to weld the neck because it is less expensive and requires less precision when cutting the pipe. These flanges are...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Welding Neck Flange

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    Stainless Steel Welding Neck Flange

    A Stainless Steel Welding Neck Flange(also known as a high-hub flange and tapered hub flange) is a type of flange. There are two designs. The regular type is used with pipes. The long type is unsuitable for pipes and is used in process plant. A weld neck flange consists of a...Read More

  • 2*3/4 Inch Asme B16.9 Tee

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    2*3/4 Inch Asme B16.9 Tee

    2*3/4 Inch Asme B16.9 Tee has excellent resistance to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking (because of low oxidation) and is well tolerated in many oxidizing environments. 2*3/4 Inch Asme B16.9 Tee is highly resistant to chemicals and oxidation (corrosion) and has a high...Read More

  • carbon steel plate flanges

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    carbon steel plate flanges

    The carbon steel plate flanges are produced by forging, casting, medium plate rolling and medium plate cutting. The production process includes forging, casting, medium plate rolling, and medium plate cutting. Among them, the forging price is the highest, the middle plate...Read More

  • Carbon Steel Plate Flange

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    Carbon Steel Plate Flange

    Carbon Steel Plate Flange, that is, the flange or end flange connection of the carbon steel body. It contains a carbon steel flange called a carbon steel flange. The plate flange is a flat disc welded to the end of the steel tube and allowed to be bolted to the other tube....Read More

  • Carbon Steel Blind Flange

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    Carbon Steel Blind Flange

    Carbon Steel Blind Flanges are pipe flanges used to seal the end of a piping system or pressure vessel openings to prevent flow. Blind pipe flanges are commonly used for pressure testing the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe or vessel. Blind pipe flanges also allow easy...Read More

  • reducer pipe fittings

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    reducer pipe fittings

    The reducer pipe fittings changes the size of the pipe. There are two types of reducers for concentric and eccentric piping. Pipe reducer is tube fittings that are widely used in a number of industries in order to providing greatest connection flexibility in connecting...Read More

  • plumbing flange

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    plumbing flange

    Plumbing flange is to fix two pipes, fittings or equipment to one flange first, then add a flange pad between the two flanges, and finally tighten the two flanges with bolts. A detachable joint that is tightly coupled.Read More

  • Long Radius 45°Elbows

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    Long Radius 45°Elbows

    Because the Long Radius 45°Elbows has good comprehensive performance, it is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, electric power, aerospace,...Read More

  • 90 elbow

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    90 elbow

    90 elbows are fitting accessories which are used widely in various industrial sectors in pipe fitting. An elbow is frequently used in pressurized applications and is available in various shapes and sizes for use in different applications.Read More

  • Weld Olet

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    Weld Olet

    Weld olet, an economic butt-welded branch joint, is designed to minimize stress concentration and provide overall reinforcement. Manufactured to meet your specific reinforcement requirements.Read More